Edible Activist Podcast

#013: Spicin' Womenpreneurs

Episode Summary

Three black dynamic women entrepreneurs who are spicin' it up in their businesses: Milan Jordan-Durham, founder, The Cultured Kombucha; Rabia Kamara, pastry chef and owner, Ruby Scoops, and Kehmari Norman, founder, Ksquared Flowers. These three Spicin' Womenpreneurs share how they have created their own lanes: from crafting a delicious kombucha line, to whipping up sorbets and ice cream with locally sourced ingredients, and creating an array of floral wellness products. Each of them bring an aspect of health-wellness, self-care and joy within the products they have beautifully mastered. All three women also make up part of the The Spice Girl collective, a group of 21 black women business-owners, at The Spice Suite in Washington, DC. Listen in!